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Aspects or Types of Consciousness

The Fool : Superconsciousness The Magician : Self-Consciousness The High Priestess : Subconsciousness

Functions of Consciousness

The Magician : Concentration, Attention The High Priestess : Memory The Empress : Imagination The Emperor : Reason The Hierophant : Intuition
The Lovers : Discrimination The Chariot : Receptivity - Will Hanged Man : Suspended Mind, Samadhi Temperance : Verification The Star : Meditation Judgement : Decision

Bodily Senses and Functions

The Emperor : Sight The Hierophant : Hearing The Lovers : Smell The Chariot : Speech
Strength : Taste, Digestion The Hermit : Touch, Coition Death : Motion The Moon : Sleep

Pairs of Opposites

The Magician : Life and Death The High Priestess : Peace and Strife The Empress : Wisdom and Folly The Hermit : Union of Opposites Wheel of Fortune : Wealth and Poverty The Tower : Grace and Sin The Sun : Fertility and Sterility The World : Dominion and Slavery

Stages of Spiritual Unfoldment

The Devil : Bondage The Tower : Awakening The Star : Revelation The Moon : Organization The Sun : Regeneration Judgement : Realization The World : Cosmic Consciousness


Strength : Suggestion The Hermit : Response Wheel of Fortune : Rotation Justice : Equilibration
Hanged Man : Reversal Death : Transformation Temperance : Wrath The Devil : Mirth

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