Self Quiz : Learn the Tarot Intelligences

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The Fool : The Scintillating Intelligence
The Magician : The Transparent Intelligence The High Priestess : The Uniting Intelligence The Empress : The Luminous Intelligence The Emperor : The Constituting Intelligence The Hierophant : The Triumphant and Eternal Intelligence The Lovers : The Disposing Intelligence The Chariot : The Intelligence of the House of Influence
Strength : The Intelligence of the Secret of All Spiritual Activities The Hermit : The Intelligence of Will Wheel of Fortune : The Rewading Intelligence of Those Who Seek Justice : The Faithful Intelligence Hanged Man : The Stable Intelligence Death : The Imaginative Intelligence Temperance : The Intelligence of Probation and Trial
The Devil : The Renewing Intelligence The Tower : The Exciting Intelligence The Star : The Natural Intelligence The Moon : The Coporeal Intelligence The Sun : The Collective Intelligence Judgement : The Perpetual Intelligence The World : The Administrative Intelligence

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