Bethbb Gimelgg Dalethdd Hehhh Vavww Zainzz Chethxx
Teth++ Yodyy Kaphkk Lamedll Memmm Nunnn Samekhss
Ayin(( Pehpp Tzaddicc Qophqq Reshrr Shin## Tavtt

English nameHebrew letterKey Code

If you don't see Hebrew in the table above, you must dowload the Font

There are two ways to install it on your system:

  1. For Windows 95/98, right click on the above link and left click 'Save Target as'. Save it in the Windows\Fonts directory.

  2. If you cannot locate your 'fonts' directory, save the file to a directory of your choosing. It could be c:\ or d:\downloads, for example.

  3. - Click on the Start Menu / Settings / Control Panel.
    - Find the 'fonts' icon and double click it.
    - Once the font window is open, select File / Install New Font.
    - A dialog box will appear and you will have to navigate to the location where you save the font file.
    - Once you navigate to that directory, you should see SPEzra appear in the 'List of fonts:' box. If there is more than one file there, click on SPEzra
    - There is a checkbox labeled, 'Copy fonts to Fonts folder'. If this box is checked, you can delete the font file from your temporary directory after installation.
    - Click OK and you are done.

Now refresh the web page and you should see Hebrew!

Using the font in your own web pages:

Using the font can be as simple as this: <font face="Spezra"> )bdg </font>
This should produce Aleph, Beth, Daleth, Gimel like so )bdg

The other method involves using styles. At the top of you web page, include the following in between your <head> tags:
.heb { color: black;
          font-size: 30px;
          font-family: Spezra}

The .heb can be changed to a name of your choosing. The 30px is the size, so for regular height, you could choose 14px or 16px. It can go as large as you like.

To use this style, insert it into a tag like a paragraph <p class="heb"> ) b g d </p>. You could also put it in a table element after the <td class="heb">

and it should look like this:

) b g d

Note that the ) is the key code for Aleph, as in the table at the top of this page.