A Perspective on Channeling Jesus

By Linda Carpenter

One of the most confusing aspects of Jesus speaking through a number of different channels is that he sounds different through each person. When Jesus began speaking to my husband, Tom Carpenter, we found the words and form to be perfectly aligned with our understanding. It was only when I began to compare "our" form with that of others channeling Jesus that I began to wonder why there seemed to be differences.

While the general message was similar, there seemed to be different ways or even different levels of understanding given through other channels. Like most people, I initially thought that if Jesus were really speaking through a variety of people, he would speak in essentially the same way to each person. Many people think Jesus only talks in sentences composed in the way A Course in Miracles is written. While this may be understandable, we are then putting more focus on the form rather than the content; putting a greater emphasis on the words themselves, rather than the meaning they are intended to convey. When I became confused about these different forms myself, Jesus said to me, "Words are tools of the intellect. Feelings are expressions of your spirit. Allow the words to communicate as clearly as possible the feelings of love you would have them do, but please do not be either bound or separated because the words would have a different meaning to those to whom they were offered. . . Go beyond the words. Reside in the feelings that represent who you are, and know that the recognition of you is most clearly expressed by that and that alone." In another message he gave to a group in Brisbane, Australia, he said, "Truth is not in the word that you would hear another speak. Truth is in the joy that releases you from fear."

Now with a little more experience, I understand why he seems to sound different through each channel. There are two primary reasons and they are very simple. The first is that he has different purposes for speaking to and through various channels. For example, when someone asked why he chose Tom Carpenter to speak through, he answered: "I would say we chose each other. It is part of his process in learning to accept and trust who he is, and in the doing of this process in which we are currently engaged, this purpose is being fulfilled. It is the purpose which, on his path, will most suitably enhance the awakening process. It is not a special or miraculous treatment and should not be seen as in any way enhancing him or what he is experiencing, or what his path may be over a path that would be chosen by any other." He has also said to us that he will speak to people in a language that is best heard by them. This applies not only to the channel, but to the person asking the question.. It also is well to remember that this also applies as well to those who have a different religious belief system.

The second purpose for the apparent differences in the way Jesus' words are conveyed has to do with individual filters of perception through which his words must be expressed in each person channeling. Each of us has a unique set of perceptions through which all information is processed, and each channel for Jesus will express the meaning of that dearly beloved inner "voice" in a manner unique to his own perception. The same thing is true about earlier books written about Jesus' life. When asked about the validity of these writings in books such as the Bible, The Urantia Book, and The Aquarian Gospel, Jesus explained that they are all based upon the perception through fearful filters of the writers involved. Instead of judgments about their accuracy, he said to focus instead on their loving intention. Further clarifying the matter of perception, he has explained, "Where you are in Loving determines your ability to understand truth."

While still within this illusion of fear, where no words can therefore be an expression of the absolute truth, A Course in Miracles is an extraordinary example of a very clear channel: Helen Schucman. These are the words most people are familiar with who believe Jesus is actually communicating with us today. However, I would like to suggest that if the Course were to have been channeled through someone else, the form would be different - the syntax and the words chosen to express the meanings would be in a different style - yet conveying that same context of information.

To some readers, that would seem to be preferable as the ego at first may have a great struggle in trying to understand the Course as it was written through Helen. However, I suspect that her beautiful syntax and expression are no accident. In fact, she is said to have insisted on this very scholarly style of expression. Yet the way Jesus shares in the Course leaves room for a great many levels of understanding, and to me it is a treasure to explore as my awareness expands into greater understanding. I have returned to it again and again in the nearly twenty years I have had the books and will continue to do so. That form perfectly serves the purpose of an in-depth inspiration and study.

Other forms through which Jesus' words are shared may have a somewhat different purpose, although the content of awakening seems to remain similar. Sometimes people lose sight of the fact that each channel has a temporary special relationship with Jesus in which their own purpose is being served. Channeling for others is optional. For example, after a very brief period of channeling, Jesus suggested Tom allow the idea of hearing only Jesus speak to drop away and find his own awareness in which all Creation is joined. While Jesus remains as his teacher, this has been a very significant and meaningful movement for Tom and one which continues to deepen and expand. If we are to awaken to our own Reality, we must begin to accept it within ourselves. Brent Haskell, a student/teacher of A Course in Miracles, sought perhaps an easier initial understanding of the Course to share with his students. Jesus answered his request by inspiring the gentle words now found in Brent's book, Journey Beyond Words. The form of those words are as much a reflection of Brent as they are of Jesus. Furthermore, both Jon Marc Hammer and Paul Tuttle have their own expressions of Jesus, as has Judith Coates. The primary focus of these loving channels is, I suspect, much like Tom's - to awaken to the truth of who they are - and their offering to share their guidance with others can be seen as their willingness to share that most meaningful experience.

It is my feeling that we should rejoice at the variety of ways in which our Brother seeks to enlighten us of our illusions through the process of channeling. I believe, furthermore, that this channeling is only a temporary method of communion to be used until we realize that communication with all of Creation is a natural expression. Jesus has said to us that he is speaking to many throughout all of Creation, let alone this experience we call "earth." I would encourage each seeker of truth through Jesus to find the channeled expression through which their own perceptual filters allow his meaning to be most clearly felt. Please remember, it is not the words which are important, or the differences in form, but the feelings of love and the freedom from fear they inspire within, as each of us seeks to remember our shared Reality of unconditional Love.

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